A message from Jeremy…

“Hello from the climate summit, where the next three days will have a major say in whether children born today have a liveable world to look forward to when they reach the age where they can understand what their predecessors have done to the planet.

The outcome is far from certain, but I remain cautiously optimistic based on patterns of behaviour reminiscent of Kyoto in 1997. Then, the world came together to negotiate a legally-binding climate treaty, against expectations, in a drama that ran to the final hour.

The Kyoto Protocol wasn’t perfect, but it kept hope alive. I have posted the story of that night in history (the final pages of The Carbon War) on my homepage. On it, you can find links to my daily blogs for the Financial Times. These relay one person’s view of the unfolding story. I have also updated the triple crunch log through today, and in it you can find concise summaries of the developments in the first week of the Summit if you feel the need to catch up. I will be posting blogs daily through to the end on Saturday morning.”


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Jeremy Leggett’s new site

November 7, 2009

Just received a note from Jeremy Leggett. I first became aware of Jeremy’s work when working for the North Sea campaign at Greenpeace Germany in the eighties. With little prospect of effective agreement at Copenhagen, it seems we need to hang on tight to those who talk good sense – and Jeremy does. 

The site is packed full of analysis on the ‘triple energy crisis’. See:  Jeremy Leggett