Watch news coverage of the Peace Declaration and the Hiroshima memorial ceremony – attended by participants of over 50 countries (broadcast two hours ago).

Every year on August 6th. the Mayor of Hiroshima addresses the crowds at the Annual Peace Memorial . Not only are his words moving and poetic, but the speech gives us insights into the current state of global disarmament negotiations, helps us understand the connections between the past and the present – and what we can usefully do. Mayor Tadatoshi Akibha is a leader with integrity.

You can read the text of the 2009 Hiroshima Peace Declaration here.

  With the Internet, we can hear the Mayor make the Peace Declaration on video. If you can’t make it to a ‘Remembering Hiroshima’ event – find a few moments to tune in to the Peace Declaration. It’s a chance to reflect on what your role might be to alleviate the current crisis – and what you can do to help build a nuclear-free future. The broadcast starts at 8.15 a.m. Hiroshima time so the website is updated later today.  To hear and see it, follow this link: