I read Olly Zanetti’s article on police surveillance in the ‘New Internationalist’ magazine today and immediately renewed my subscription.

We know some of what Zanettii is saying already, but there’s plenty more ‘meat’ there for activists and journalists alike. Marc Vallee, a photojournalist describes a Gaza protest in Britain:

‘I was working at a protest against the attack on Gaza. I saw an officer with a camera speaking to another officer, who I know works with the FIT. (The Police Photographers Forward Intelligence Team -the FIT as they have come to be known – F.L) They were going through a notebook which had a number of pictures in it, spotter’s cards. And I got a shot of it. Enlarging the picture, you can see the mug shots with people’s names underneath each one. Not codes or aliases, but full names. They were clearly looking for particular individuals.’  (New Internationalist, July 2009)