Coalition document spells end to detention of immigrant children

May 13, 2010

I vowed to post once a week on this blog and have kept it up so far with the exception of last month. Rest assured readers – if you don’t see me here for a while I’m dealing with some other journalistic work generally relevant to the issues at hand.

There appears to be some movement in the coalition agreements as far as the detention of immigrant children is concerned. See these latest reports on the Coalition Agreement to end the detention of immigrant children from the magazine “Children and Young People Now”.

See also: Coalition government urged not to split up asylum-seeking families.

One Response to “Coalition document spells end to detention of immigrant children”

  1. Colin Dyer Says:

    Re: Forced Removal of Sehar Shebaz (HO ref: S13694545) on Saturday 22 May on flight PK758 at 17.00 from Heathrow, UK

    To whom it may concern

    Sehar Shebaz is a 26 year old woman from Pakistan. She came to the UK on a student visa for an arranged marriage.

    After their wedding her husband became abusive to her and threatened violence against her. She fled from his house in Lancashire and came to Glasgow at the end of last year. Her husband followed her and made more abusive phone calls so she was forced to move house again.

    As a single woman with a small child Sehar is in danger if she is forced back to Pakistan.

    She has made a safe home for herself in Glasgow where she has made many friends. We call on you not to fly Sehar Shabaz back to Pakistan as there is a very real risk that she will be in danger.

    Please do not fly this young woman and her baby to Pakistan.

    Yours sincerely

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