International Women’s Day in Chester, 2010

March 8, 2010

Chester, International Women’s Day 2010.   Picture by Frances Laing

International Women’s Day in Chester opened around nine a.m. on Saturday. By the time the event closed, around six hundred women had passed through the doors of the venue.

 The event was opened by Christine Russell, M.P. I made a short speech announcing the workshop I was leading and appealed for messages of solidarity for the hunger strikers at Yarl’s Wood.  These have now been posted to Yarl’s Wood women. Many people came to the stalls we had to find out more about Yarl’s Wood.

Christine Russell M.P maintains she cannot sign an Early Day Motion. As I said on the day perhaps she can do something else which is useful…
The whole event was initiated, facilitated and coordinated by Chester Women’s Aid. For more information about what they do, follow this link to their new web site. Chester Women’s Aid. For local newspaper coverage click here

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