News from the Yarl’s Wood hunger strike. Solidarity Demonstrations.

March 2, 2010

The following news release was received from the Black Women’s Rape Action Project today:

“We spoke with nineteen women yesterday who confirmed they remain steadfastly on hunger strike”. Guardian Letters: • Detaining children is finally being condemned (Letters, 18 February). But what about the detention of mothers? Either children suffer alongside their mother in detention or they suffer the pain of separation. Ending the detention of children has to mean ending the detention of families. This issue has been thrust into the headlines by mothers on hunger strike in Yarl’s Wood removal centre. We were attacked by guards, “kettled” for hours, denied access to toilets and water and locked outside in freezing conditions. A couple of us got out and some of us face removal in the next few days. We call on anyone who cares to press for an independent investigation into reports of violence and racist abuse from guards and a moratorium on all removals and deportations pending the results.

 Adeola Omotosho Yarl’s Wood hunger striker

 Stella Mpaka All African Women’s Group

 The Independent: “The scandal that is Yarl’s Wood “ To those familiar with our detention centres, a hunger strike comes as no surprise more


6.30 – 7.30 Wednesday 3rd March – Holloway Prison, Parkhurst Road, London, N7 0NU  Demo in support of five women who were transferred to prison from Yarl’s Wood as well as the twenty women still refusing food at Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre. Contact:

 FRFI Close Communications House!
Tuesday 2 March, 1-2pm

Old Street, EC1 (just off Old Street roundabout) Nearest tube Old Street

Contact: Statement of support from women on hunger strike in Yarl’s Wood for the 1st March Immigrants Strike in France, Italy and other European countries against racism and exploitation.   EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL MIGRANTS IN THE WORLD!! In this day and age when society claims to be at the peak of civilisation equal opportunities should be a must.

 All migrants should be treated equal, with dignity and given the same opportunities as the rest of the world regardless of background, colour, ideologies, and situation thereby given everyone a fair chance in life thus enabling every one to nurture and achieve their goals, aims and objectives.

 This promotes peace, harmony and a progressive and productive society instead of discrimination, segregation, alienation and maltreatment.

 The women of Yarl’s Wood, can relate to the strike because we face the situation of inequality, discrimination, indefinite detention, poor conditions to name a few because we are migrants and although we are not there in body we are in spirit and it is only by standing up for our rights, believing in ourselves can we make changes not only for us but generations to come.

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