Green Party conference supports Yarl’s Wood hunger strikers

February 21, 2010

The following resolution was passed at the Green Party conference today

“This conference notes the on going hunger strike at Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre and the demands of the hunger strikers, including

*access to appropriate medical treatment.

*an end the detention of children and their mothers, rape survivors and other torture victims,

*an end to the detention of physically, mentally sick people and pregnant women.

*an end to the separation of children from their mothers.

“This conference is appalled at the way the hunger strikers have been treated, being locked outside without outdoor clothing, and in corridors without toilet facilities. Some women have been beaten by the guards.

“This conference calls on for the immediate release of the Yarl’s Wood 4 (Aminata Camara from Guinea, Sheree Wilson from Jamaica, Shellyann Stupart from Jamaica, Gladys Obiyan from Nigeria), who have been put in prison even though no charges have been made against them.

“This Conference resolves to send a message of support to and a copy of this motion to the Rt Hon Phil Woolas Minister of State for Borders and Immigration.”

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