Communities of Resistance. Yarl’s Wood Demonstration. Friday 19th. February, 2010

February 17, 2010

Communities of Resistance (CoRe) is a new grassroots initiative that aims to stop prison expansion in Britain. CORE say:

“We oppose building new prisons, because prisons do not make our communities safe. Our long-term aim is to build a vibrant and broad-based movement to end the violence of incarceration. We support and believe in developing effective, community-based solutions to social problems that do not rely on models of imprisonment”.

As part of the long-standing opposition to unsafe conditions in immigration detention centres Communities of Resistance have called a demonstration for this Friday 19th. February, 2010.

The demonstration will take place at the SERCO offices in London, England. SERCO is the private company responsible for the administration and running of Yarl’s Wood.

Demo at Serco Offices – Friday 19th February 2010 – 2.30pm at 18-22 Hand Court, Holborn London WC1V 6JF

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