GMB calls on Lord Mandelson to investigate employment agencies breaking law by supplying temporary workers to do work of Royal Mail strikers

November 4, 2009

 In a letter to Lord Mandelson sent yesterday the GMB union has asked for investigation of breaches in the law in Slough, Bristol and Dartford and “does not rule out enforcement proceedings against Business Department and the Government if they fail to act”.
GMB last month set up a hotline 0208 971 4217 for members of the public to report breaches of the law by employment agencies.
[picapp src=”d/2/4/a/CWU_Plans_Legal_89a0.jpg?adImageId=7114391&imageId=6922360″ width=”500″ height=”335″ /]
GMB has almost 600,000 members working in every part of the economy. One in every 32 people at work in the UK is a member of GMB and GMB is organised in 34 of the UK’s biggest 50 companies

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