Sit in protest at the Rafah border holds out for 30th. day

July 13, 2009

I’ve just had word of some lovely ‘birthday’ messages from the protestors at the Rafah border, who’ve been holding out for thirty days! Congratulations folks! (F.L.)

July 13 from the Rafah Border (by the International Movement to Open the Rafah border):

” The international camp is set up in the front of the Rafah, Egypt with Gaza border to demand the opening of the border and the end of the siege.

 This “siege of the siege,” has been here for one month! We want to celebrate these 30 days of our presence here by sharing our words with you:

 We remind you by our presence that the world says: “Gaza will be free”. Paki

 I love you Palestine. Jihad

 We know we are almost 7 billions people in the world, but here, we are only 20 people at the nearest point to Gaza. Since we don’t believe in our governments mercy, we want to be the messengers of peace and justice. Moutaz

 We are all Gazans. Nadine

 May God strenghen your hearts and strenghen our hearts for you. Ziad

 No slave takes permission from his master to make a revolution. Galal

 Would you prefer to open the border or open  the bathroom? Oh, no question! Othman

 Gaza, a taste of vanilla. Nour

 I have faith in true justice. Even if it looks weak or minimum,and we are so few in number we are strong in heart. Justice will win. Hisham

 I want to say to Gaza, “Don’t be afraid, the people of the world will never forget you”. Nada S.

 The pilgrimage to Rafah is a holy duty. Ashraf

 I am ready to spend all my life here to support Gaza people. Shad

 I love the world more than before. Ahmed Afifi

 It is not easy to reach the international camp, it is even more difficult to leave it. But all those who have the good fortune to join come away with the renewed strength to continue to work for justice. Chris

 This camp is a little rock of humanity and joy in the big zionist boots. Dine

 Our governments closed the Rafah border, but the people wil open it, inshaa Allah. Gaza, you are not alone. Long live Palestine free, from the  river to the Mediterranean. Iman

 Only crazy dreamers can free the world. Nada K.

 We invite you to join us.

 (International Movement to Open the Rafah Border – IMORB)

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