The Right to Protest – At the Rafah Border – news update

July 1, 2009

News update from the International Movement to Open the Rafah Border received June Tuesday 30th : (For more background and analysis see my previous post – F.L )

“Rafah Border has been open for four days !.. and it is said that tomorrow, the border will be open again ! Even if the conditions are inhumane, hundreds of Palestinians got in and out of Gaza Strip. Violence, extortion, no more water in the overflowing toilet, etc. 

The international camp to open Rafah border is still there, and has been holding its ground for 17 days ! Today, the members were 15, five being from USA, France, Norway and Italy, the others Egyptians activists, who are very badly treated by the police. However, the fact that Egyptian activists are in the camp and stay there has been conquered. Nada talked today to an officer and obtained that they would be treated properly. 

Paki and Marta (USA) are going for a couple of days in Cairo, to meet with people in US embassy and Egyptian foreign affairs department. They will also take part in a press conference on Thursday July 2nd. Video footage by Nada Badawi.


 The border is open on a daily basis and it is a significant pace towards the end of the siege. To open Rafah border for good, civil society has to mobilise everywhere. This is July, take an airplane ticket for Cairo and come on to join the international camp for some days or a couple of weeks. Make your holidays part of this historical movement !

 Send messages to your government, to Egyptian and USA embassies, demanding the end of the siege and supporting the action of the international camp on Rafah Border. 

 For the end of the illegal and murderer siege. For the freedom of circulation for goods and people. (article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – statement by IMORB)”

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