Continuing protests at the Rafah Gate

June 15, 2009

News from the Rafah Gate. Sunday:

“All were tired and weakened after a night at the Rafah gate. Their internet connection, which was working till yesterday, has been cut. The bar as well as the toilets have been closed. They have decided to dig a hole, protected by their banderole, improvising toilets. David, the italian, left today. But in the afternoon, a german woman arrived with her 6 children to join her palestinian husband in Gaza. As she was refused to cross the border, she joined the group. The presence of this family has boosted the enthusiasm of the group who pitched the tents in one instant! This has generated a positive atmosphere to the point they were offered blankets and cigarettes for the night. The children are now resting, they are from 2 to 13-year olds, and the adults prepare themselves for a new night at the Rafah gate”.

Members of the IMORB are still camping to Open the Rafah Gate and they call anyone who wants to support this action to join them there.

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