Hope Convoy occupy the Rafah terminal

May 25, 2009

Latest news from the Hope Convoy: U.K. time 9.a.m.: Statement from International Movement to Open the Rafah Border;

“Sometimes, you are lucky enough to meet heroes. That is the case with Hope Convoy members. After been turned away at the Rafah crossing on Sunday by the Egyptian authorities, the Hope convoy members stand their ground and refuse to leave the Rafah terminal. They laid down their sleeping bags and they are occupying the Rafah crossing till Egyptian authorities give them back their human rights and allow them to cross the border.

We can do it ! We can lift the Gaza siege ! How can we support their action ?

1) Let us spread this information to everyone who might be concerned about it.  (media, activists, e.t.c..)

 2) Let us support their action and come to Rafah as soon as possible in order to occupy the outskirts of the Rafah crossing

 3) Let us organize demonstrations in your own countries in front of Egypt and Israel’s embassies Free Gaza, Free Palestine.

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